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Vashta Family Root

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Vashta Root History

Vashta family root history is exactly not known .We think Vashta name derived from Vasistha because Gotra is Vasishtha.As per Anand Vashta's family concept Vashta people are pujaris of Banshankridevi temple near Vijapur. After drought in 13th century they get migrated to southeren Maharashtra that is near by Sangli. But He is not sure whether this is true or false.
My ( Shrirang Vashta ) ancestor were living in Khanderajuri near Malgoan in Miraj Taluka ,Sangli Dist . Same time our family known as Kanderajurikar - Joshi .Later on they shifted to Mhaisal after few years my grandfater shifted to Sangli . Detail family history is unknown.
We also found  Vashta family kuldaiwat is Tulja Bhavani , Ambabai , Ekvira ( Kolhapur ) and Jotiba
We received letter from Shri Purushottam Gananan Vashta Age 70  Harli ,Gadhinglaj Dis.Kolhapur . In his family tree up to eight generation names are recorded . He told  that their surname is chaged before ealier 4 th generation from Dixit to Vashta . Even today cousin brother side have Dixit surname . He have no idea how Dixit changed to Vashta . In his family his one of the ancestor perfomed Somyag Yadnya . He have his ancestor's Sanad documents written in Modi scipt .

Few years before Vashta families contrasted in Sangli District ( Sangli,Miraj,Mhaisal ) but now days Vashta families spread over Maharashtra like Kolhapur ,Satara , Pune, Mumbai , Delhi and other places .Some families are in other states ,Some young generation may be out of India.
Earlier Vashta family working field was limited but now days many Vashta family members are working in banking ,finance construction, medical, electronics,software,telecommunication,I.T. and other advance field and working on responsible positions.

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