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Vashta Family Root


Vashta Family Root

Our Vashta surname is very rare in brahmin families .our grotra is Vashishtha .So Vashta is said to be derived from Vashishtha Muni .

Our forefathers like Mahrsi Vashistha ,Maharshi Parashar ,Mahrshi Vyas were knowledgeable and they spend their life for mankind .They left never ending knowledge wealth for us.

We should be proud and grateful of such our ancestors . We should always remember them ,

The purpose of this website to bring Vashta families together and to know family history and the good work done by our old people and todays active roll of present generation in our community .

Now we will refresh our knowledge about Maharshi Vasishtha ,Maharshi Parashar and Maharshi Vyas

Next you will find information about Mandirs (Temples) ,Ashrams and Gufas (Caves) of Guru Vasishtha ,Parashra and Vyas at various places in India . Every Vashta family member should visit those holy places minimum once in life and remember their great work and try to utilise in our life .

Brahma and Bal Vasistha

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